Carling Cup - Birmingham stun Arsenal to win Cup

' A massive congrats to Brum for that. Well done! Youre­ right no trophey again for Arsenal. Or maybe your all­ wrong as they are still in with a chance at the prem,­ champions league and FA cup. I notice a lot of negative­ comments about them on here, maybe from Spurs fans who­ have won so much lately, and will never come close­ while Harry turkey neck Redknapp is in charge or­ Chelsea who are dropping like a stone. Champions league­ every season and not a debt in sight. Trophies nope but­ very close, maybe youre all right and Wenger has to go,­ as i see a lot of other managers much much better than­ Wenger lining up for his job. '

dear Mr. Wenger,

How Many Times Do WE Have TO Say That Arsenal Has NO­ Defence They Will Never Win Anything Mr Wenger YOU Must­ BE Blind OR Stupid Not TO See The Mistakes THey Are­ Making I Have Seen A Pub Team With Better Defence You­ Should Take A Look At Some Of The Local Teams You May­ Learn Something You Will Lose Some Of Your Good Players­ Next Season And you Mr WEnger Will Have TO Take The­ Blame I do Hope You Will Show Something For The Next­ Two Cup Matches You Have Left Or YOU Should Buy Some­ Players Or Bye Bye Very ANGERY

Very disappointed to see Arsenal failing to beat­ Birmingham, gd football, i do not wish to see that,­ play ugly football and win trophy, that's all count­ VICTORY. Arsenal will loose all the gd players, because­ they need to win sylverware. Rosizcky used to be­ poweful with his shooting after collecting the ball­ from outside the box, but Wenger changed this gd player­ who still need to pass the ball been in the box with­ the shooting opportunity, that is sad. well done­ Birmingham....

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