ang cute na tu :)) sna cute rin pra sa inu :D

evryone u meet teaches u a lesson about L.I.F.E .

sum people LEAVE - so u teach urself 2 move on .

sum people HURT - so u cn teach urself 2 b strong .

sum people HELP - so u cn teach urself 2 help others too .

sum people APPRECIATE - so u cn teach urself 2 c d' good of life .

sum peopple CHALLENGE u - so u cn teach urself 2 not gv uo d' fight .


sum peopple LOVE - so u cn teach urself 2 lv u & everyone else to0 .

sumtyms it jz takes patience 4 evrythg 2 happen . u won't get respect in jz 1 day , u can't b in lv wif sumone


u jz met & u won't b able 2 4gv urself in a sec .

I've learnd dat helping people is good but helping sumone too much won't let them grow .

u grow by making mistakes , gettg hut . . . & leraning from ur regrets .

tof r there 2 help guide u 2 ur decision .

its u dat has to take d' 1st step into d pathway of happiness .

its ur doing dat makes u who u r

dun assume ;

get ur facts straight .

dat is wut messesa a lt of people up .

theres owez d true story & reasong behind evrythg .



hv 1 thing in common


it is like we'r all tryg 2 fight 4 it ,

trying 2 get wut wut we want & it makes us 4get d whole reason y we wanted it in d 1st place .

nobody said

'life is going 2 b easy ; life is wut u make of it'

change 4 d better , dun change 4 sumone else !

change 4 urself

dun b selfish

dun limit urself from doing things jz bcoz u dun think u cn make it trough .

remember-tym isn't going 2 wait 4 u , so make d best of it

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