God of compassion, God of comfort, God of healing,

On tragedy from acts of unspeakable evil, On tragedy from war and conflict, On tragedy from natural causes and events; From earthquake and tsunami, From hurricane, typhoon and cyclone, From floods and drought; We pause before you, God most high.

For those who are now in distress, Grant mercy, grant relief, grant refreshment;

For those who mourn and grieve, May they find you in their sorrow and be comforted;

For those who struggle to bring relief, help and healing, Grant strength, grant protection, grant encouragement;

For those who govern or control the world’s resources, May they hear your call to action and respond with love and generosity;

For those whose hearts are evil and desire only to hurt others, Grant a vision of your goodness, grant repentance, grant forgiveness;

For ourselves, overwhelmed and inadequate, May we know the joy of hearing your voice, the strength to do what you say and the peace and comfort of your Spirit.

In times of tragedy, We turn again to you, The one that is God of all that is truly good.

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