think wisely & decided !

U know how u’re supposed to cum up wif a list of ‘resolutions’ at the beginning of the year to try to MAKE yourself a better person? Well, the problem is, its not easy for me to think of ways to improve myself bcoz i’m already pretty much one of the best people i know.

So, this year my resolution is to try and help OTHER people improve. But the thing i’m finding out is that some people dun really appreciate it when u’re trying to be helpful.

This situation re happend to me everyday! And i’m really dislike to this type of people either he/she OR kids/teenagers/veteran. where’s ur manner ?

In my opinion, i think americajin/nihonjin hv great dicipline than us (malaysiajin ; certain people) . and i’m SORRY for this. Today, i hv customer from america. She asked me if i hv aspirin or not. After i checked the data, i’m find out it already out of stock. The customer hv been waiting for 10++ mins BUT she still keep a sweet smile and thanked to me.

Then, sumone else (malaysiajin) come to me and ask my favour to find the epilator in store room. It might take a few mins to get it. (8mins later) undifined! i told him/her dat i can’t find it. Whithout any explanation he/she gt angry and scold me in front other costomer! It ‘re cross of my mind. Then, i think why our community VERY EASY gt HIGH hot temper?

Whenever possible, try to born in a patience life. Nothing if impossible if u put ur mind to it. ‘SABAR ITU SEPARUH DARIPADA IMAN’. I hope our citizen know wut does the phrase mean actually.

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