last art work =.=

life is not wonderful as nice as a rythm song =.=
urghhhhhhhhhhhh ~
i feel it like a torn
when remembered the past
when i think about the future the tears come out =.='

whatever ! i'll act like normal
life must go on !
ganbatte ne aneng-chan !

aneng - chan ! no ! noooo ! noooo !

i'm getting old
i'm getting married =D
*coming soon (gedix !)


my koibito (future husband) always said that i'm childish
is it true ?
*masih mencari kebenaran

no wonder !
mata da nak tersembul
da pukul 7.09 a.m !

still 'dance' with my lover (HB & 2H)
step by step
with highest speed concentrate
with soft + smooth movement

grrrrrr~ FINALLY !
mission accomplish !


i leave my heart and my soul at my hometown

'hujan emas di negeri orang hujan batu di negeri sendiri'

but i'm still regret when i couldn't being there (SBJ) when Terengganu against Kelantan
that why LOL i design an exotic turtle jersey for Terengganu
millenium jersey 2030

out na ! ako ang ma22log na ! so tired !
ptg nanti nak kuar shupin ",

last artwork for today