plz realise it wenger !

I’m almost sick and tired of articles like this. This may be why England are underwhelming on the big fixtures. This fixation with youth, at the expense of winners like the Toon pair of Barton & Nolan. That’s only an example. This goes granular down to this team as well…writing posts about these guys…which I’m not opposed to, but should be focused towards more along the lines of: “How do we Ramsey in, and how do we increasr Jack’s ‘real production’”. For example, loved the article that anaylized critically how to get Nasri more central. Stop hiding Rosicky in the field would be one way. But at this point of the season, it should be ‘how do we get stars like Nasri goals?’

I love Arsene Wenger as much as the next Gunner fan, but we must admit he has the creativity of a Gerbil. If an old fart like King Kenny can throw teams for a loop by putting Kuyt up front supporting a Suarez, what is to keep Wenger from doing nasri the same way? If we know he’s a box to box playmaker/scorer, and we know we want him making those decisions as close to the goal as possible. And we haven’t been able to get him there why not try it?

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