Two future Arsenal legends?

It was great to see Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey running the show for England and Wales on the weekend.

Hopefully a sign of things to come for the Arsenal.

Wilsh and Rambo will come good – better then the current dros of diaby and denilson and that slapstick rosicky. to be honest What still gets right inside my head is that we lost the Carling Cup final to those horrible brum wankers. It’s biased, and sour grapes, but I really hope they go down. I’m sick of hearing the Birmingham’s and Stokes of this league bang on about playing football their way because it’s the only way a small club can survive. Everton have a similar scale of budget but, Fellani aside, are a lovely team. Bolton don’t spend freely, yet Coyle has them sitting in 7th place. Blackpool have taken to the premiership like a multi coloured loud mouthed rent-a-soundbite duck with a leaky back to water, scoring goals whilst they concede loads. 6 points separate the bottom 10 teams, showing that being thug’s doesn’t increase you chances of survival necessarily.

I’m not saying you can’t press the opposition, shouldn’t stifle the opposition, or shouldn’t play defensively. You just don’t have to go around slapping peoples heads after scoring or snapping legs. You can be a really tough team to play against without being twats at the same time.

I’m also sick of the “I have to set up my team to suit the players strengths” like it’s not the managers fault his team are cretins. Newsflash chaps, you signed those massively tall killer juggernauts. If your intention wasn’t to try and demolish the opposition you’d have made an attempt at assembling a smarter, more technically gifted team.

Anyway, losing the Carling Cup was a bitter pill to swallow – although in fairness Birmingham actually outplayed us for periods of the game, at actual football. Maybe criticising the football they play is harsh, I just hate them. I hope they go down. And then they plummet to the depths of League 2. And then the ground is stolen by aliens and sold to the French for rugby. Etc.

as my friend (Suzagooner) said :

I am sometimes quite baffled by the comments some people post.@Homer…Wilshere has already proved himself and,I am sure that Ramsey will once he gets a few more games under his belt,after all,he has been out for a long while and was playing really well before his injury.@Gunnerboy….do you actually watch Arsenal play??? I can`t believe that you do if you even think that! Jack has played great football no matter who the opposition has been.Arron will come good too. What a great pairing for the very near future.They be the envy of the PL…..maybe the world!

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