1/3 hitoshi's mother clinging to his father after he stood up for her(she's 16, he's 18) (read story!)

"I can't believe how nice it is today." Hitsuru Armesha commented, as he handed the money to the store-owner. He gave the ice-cream cone he got in return to Sarina Muzume, the love of his life. The breeze blew gently through the Village Hidden in the Rocks, and the sun glistened brightly. It made the Rock Village look unusual beautiful, but nothing compared to Sarina's beauty. Sarina smiled as she received the treat. Hitsuru's heart lifted, as it always did, to see her smile. There was a time not so long ago, when he outdid himself just get a glimmer of a smirk. Anything to help replace the cold, unhappy gleam her black eyes often held. But it had taken nearly two years to win her over, to break through that famous Rock Village coldness. And Hitsuru was "the sunlight of the world" as his mother had often called him. "Thank you, Honey." Sarina teased him, playfully. But it was more then just play, Hitsuru and Sarina were to be married soon. Even though Sarina was only 16, he was at least 18. And they were in love that's what counted. Hitsuru reached for his soon-to- be-wife's hand and grasped it lovingly. Sarina leaned in to kiss him when suddenly-- "Hello Sarina." A sullen, disapproving man's voice sneered behind them. Hitsuru's flesh crept. Sarina's parents! Her older brother, Yukio, was also there and they all glared down at the couple. Sarina's face drained of all its color, though her expression was blank and cold. "Mother, Father, Yukio." she greeted flatly. Sarina's father narrowed his black eyes, identical to hers. "You're 16, child, and you're kissing HIM?" They never called Hitsuru by his name, they had never liked him. Hitsuru stood protectively over his fiance. "Well, I am going to marry him." Sarina responded, showing off her wedding ring. Her parents' eyes seemed to jump dismally out of their heads. Yukio smirked. "Finally decided to marry him after shacking up? he sneered. "Wanted to staighten out on the outside?" Hitsuru's fist and teeth clenched in a snarl.

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