you werent very happy about this whole "party" thing. you just broke up wit your boyfriend after 2 1/2 years. you had realised you didnt love him, you loved your best friend & all this was bothering you. I could sense your unhappiness so i shove the hat in your face "your turn,______!" you shoot me a dirty look & pull out the first thing you felt. you pulled it out & stared at it. your heart sank. in a hoarse voice you manage to say "black bandana" but you already knew whos it was.... he got up & walked to you, extending a hand to you. you hesitate but accept. hes hands are warm & soft against your ice cold hands. when the doors are closed, you break down, started to cry & fell to your knees, but he caught you & held you, confused, but he wanted to comfort you. you press your head into his chest & cry out, theres so much emotion flooding to your body & you cant stop or help it, you thought no one could.... after 2 mins of non-stop crying, it hurt & you cant breath, Brandon rocks you in his muscular arms, which you feel soo safe in. you stop sobbing but tears flow from your eyes down your cheek & on to his shirt. you notice the big wet spot on his shirt from your tears of pain, your sobbing continues another min. Brandon still rocking you in his arms speeches for the first time "do you feel alil betterω" you quite down more because its hard to hear his soft toned voice. "whats the matter,_____ω ive never seen you like this, your always so strong...ω" sniffleing you answer "i broke up with my boyfriend a couple dayz ago...." Brandon could tell you were holding out on him & questioned, "why did you do thatω i thought you loved himω" ashamed of the answer, you press your body into his & hug him. Brandon is so confused at this point he doesnt kno what to finally get the courage to speak again. "i thought i loved him, too." "im always here for you,_____. through heaven & hell, ill be there for you to catch you when you fall, so go ahead & fall into these arms of madness"..."i.." he was goin to say something more but stopped. "Brandonω" you ask looking up at him. "Yeahω" he answers, confused. "I need some advice..." you start. he looks into your troubled eyes & says "shoot babe" shocked that he called you 'babe' you continue,"i left him...for another guy." not looking at him anymore you play with your fingers. A look of shock co=ame over Brandon but he kept quite. "ohω" he finally manages to say. "mhm. & i dont kno how to tell him. what should i doω" you look at him but he turns away not wanting to meet your gaze. he thinks a minute & takes a deep breath to hold back the tears, in his exhaul he says, in a sad, hurt voice,"tell him the easiest way you him,...Email him...or maybe text him..."he finishes looking at the floor the time, but looks up at you as you wiggle around on his lap, where youve been the whole time. you find what your looking for...your phone & start typing & send the message on it way... right after you close your phone you hear his favorite song. he pulls out his phone, sees its from you, he looks at you funny than procceds to read your text message. it read " the best i can hope for is one more chance, the reasons im alone i kno in my heart, but i dont want to spend forever in the dark, if love ever gives me another try...ω" he closes the phone & sets it down next to him, after sending his reply..."dont waste your time looking over your shoulder, those loves from the past aint gettin no closer, when i look in my future your all i can see, so honey dont go lovin on nobody but me." you reads in sileince, your eyes fill with tears & you starts to sob cant see your screen clear so you put the phone down & wraps your arms around him & cry out " I love you, Brandon!" he quites you down again & you shake on his lap because all your nerves are on edge. he calms & soothes you. feeling for peace once. you relax & Brandon whispers in your ear, "i love you so much,_____. i fell in love with you the first time i set my sore eyes on you....may i kiss youω" but before you answered you felt his velvet soft lips on yours. you kissed him back & made-out & you grew tired from the stress filled day you had & rested your head on his chest until you heard the knock on the door "times up love birds" i said jokingly when i opened the door i saw up on his lap, fast asleep. i showed Brandon up to an empty room to lay her down in until she wakes up. once i left the room, Brandon woke you up so you could chage into a pair of PJ's borrowed from me. you look at him long & hard, he had landed you on the bed, you grabbed him by the shirt & pulled him on top of you. kissing him ever so lovingly. pulling his clothed of, while he strips you of yours. your down to undies, you walk over & shut the lights off, & get under the covers next to him, snuggling up close to his warm body, gettin so close to him, like youve never before, he roles on top of you & pulls the covers over to help muffle your moaning & his groaning you make passenite love the rest of the night!!!! When the sun comes over the horizon, it symbolizes a new day. The party lasted long into the early hours of the morning. You wake up to see Brandon laying next to you. he had been watchin you sleep. "My beautiful girlfriend is awake! Good Morning, babe!" he says before giving you a kiss on the forehead. "Feeling ok this mornin'ω" you smile at him,"I'm feel the best ive felt in years....& its all because of my loving boyfriend!" than you role over & hug him pressing yourself hard into his bare chest. Later that day you left my house & walked home together, & down the rode you married! waking up evey mornin just like that!

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