yang teramat HOT!!!!

who said u need 2 wear less o wear'g sumth'g dat makes u look so sexy 2 looksmook'g hot xspecially 4 muslim ?

................ hana tajima is 1 of example ................

honestly she is a beautifully gogez . siyesly im kinda speechless when i c her elegant pic !

hana tajima .... loveeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuu . ngehhh3~

u look soooo beutiful !
b salihah woman , bcoz she is an angel from heaven Shalihah present to d' world.
beuty is not only of skin colour, u r a designer , show d' world dat u r a true designer !

for hana tajima , u must strive wif a good way of cloth'g design, but in accordance wif Islamic law, keep d' spirit & fight in Allah's way . . . .

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aneng hitchies

sejak2 hana tajima pemes , da ramai nk try2 bertudung . bagus2